“The main hope of a nation lies in the proper education of its youth.”


At a Glance

The ThinkBS! project is a minor program in Mathematics for engineering students and/or graduates. The program aims to provide a strong background in Mathematics with the purpose of preparing engineers to either a post-graduate study in Mathematics or a career as a research engineer.
ThinkBS! program will be in the form "blended learning" consisting of face-to-face courses and e-learning. This will be a 3-year program, with 3 international summer schools, in Turkey (2020), Romania (2021) and in Hungary (2022).


  • Strengthening the links between education, research and business to promote excellence and regional development.
  • Improving level of key competences and skills of young people.
  • Promoting intercultural dialogue.
  • Teaching advanced Mathematics to engineering students and graduates.
  • Preparing engineering students in pure and applied Mathematics and who plans to use advanced Mathematical tools in enginnering applications.
  • Outcomes : Targets

  • Course curriculum for a minor in mathematics.
  • 24 courses segmented in three levels of difficulty.
  • 3 summer schools for 100+ students.
  • Online platform for supporting the blended learning environment.
  • 1000+ course registrations, 400+ successful completion, 20+ certified students
  • Partners

  • Universidad San Jorge
  • Debreceni Egyetem
  • Universitatea Politehnica Din Bucurresti
  • Kadir Has University
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