December 01, 2019

The Project thinkBS is on the way!

In the coming years, there will be increased demand for highly skilled people. Driven by digital technology, jobs require staff who can manage complex information, think autonomously, are creative, use resources in a smart and efficient manner, as well as communicate effectively. Yet, the 2015 Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) results show that one in five pupils in the European Union have insufficient proficiency in reading, mathematics or science. Addressing Europe’s need for high-level skills requires action. More people need to be attracted to the fields of study that prepare students for jobs where shortages exist or are emerging. In many EU Member States there is unmet demand for graduates in SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING, (arts) and MATHS (STE(A)M) fields, medical professions and teaching.

A constant element of enjoyment must be mingled with our studies, so that we think of learning as a game rather than a form of drudgery, for no activity can be continued for long if it does not to some extent afford pleasure to the participant.
Erasmus (1489)

Our project, thinkBS (Promoting Deep and Wide Thinking / Early Dual Degrees in Basic Sciences) funded by the Erasmus+ program, which has started just in September 2019 aims to
- Identify those students that are talented/oriented for basic sciences, in an early stage of their education;
- Guide them through their educational life and mentor them for either undertaking a career in basic sciences or working as an R&D engineer, provide for them high quality education in specielized institutions
In order to achieve these goals, an open learning platform with innovative training materials and resources will be developed and implemented. Additionally, three intensive training programmes for higher education learners from the four partner institutions will take place during the funding period. A total number of 96 undergraduate or master students will attend these courses, plus students using the learning platform. More than 20 academic staff will be involved in project activities. These lecturers will be involved in the design and development of teaching & learning materials used during the intensive training programmes and included in the learning platform.


thinkBS is run by four institutions, Kadir Has University (Turkey), Debreceni Egyetem (Hungary), Fundacion Universidad San Jorge (Spain), Universitatea Politehnica din Bucuresti (Romania), and the project coordinator is Prof. Ayse Bilge, a mathematics professor from Kadir Has University.