thinkBS 306 Statistics Applied in Engineering, Biology, Chemistry and Medicine

  • Level: Upper
  • Status: Upcoming
  • Offered by: Universitatea Politehnica Din Bucurresti

The topics of these course will be:
  1. General results in statistics
    1. 1. Statistical population, samples, sample size, parameters
    2. 2. Descriptive statistics (central tendencies, variation, representations)
    3. 3. Inferential statistics (estimations, confidence intervals, parametric and non-parametric tests)
    4. 4. Applications in engineering and bio-chemistry (MATLAB)
  2. Monte Carlo methods
    1. 1. Generating sequences distributed according to a given probability distribution
    2. 2. Gillespie's type stochastic algorithms with applications in biology, chemistry and medicine (MATLAB)
  3. Advanced statistical methods and algorithms for bias-reducing in non-randomized trials (with applications in engineering and medicine)

The basic bibliography to follow the course contents will be:
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